Weimar Repupblic

A period I find increasingly fascinating.

The poverty, the violence, the passion, the hedonism, the seduction of extraordinary promises made to ordinary people.

The very messy republic of humankind.

findesiecle berlin drawing2




High and Smitey

We all love a bit of showtime don’t we ?

All that shoutiness, white knuckles and bared teeth, the unleashing of lightning and commanding it to find its mark.

You know …. that sort of thing.

Just channeling my inner Caspar (the not-so-friendly ghost) David Friedrich.

And no, that unfortunate church isn’t the primary object of my ire – let’s just call it metaphorical colleteral damage.

Painting lightning church


Cottage in the Dee Valley

Thanks to a very kind friend, this is where we’ve come since our now grown kids were nobbut higher than a buttercup and their wellies came up to their armpits.

This is where we come to heal.

There are bats in the attic and mouse poo in the tea …

And welcome Queen Alice with thirty-times-three! . 

Alice thought to herself, ‘Thirty times three makes ninety. I wonder if any one’s counting?

painting cottage






I’m just a doodle doing what doodles do

Well … doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun ?

Our beloved baby grandson has Cystic Fibrosis, diagnosed at 3 weeks old.

Just before he was born I got a proper job ie) not a self-employed artist – and I doodled this during a meeting.  Terribly unprofessional I know, but if you do it properly it looks like you’re taking notes.

Which it turns out I kind of inadvertently was …. notes on life and love.

“Moon dust in your lungs,
stars in your eyes,
you are a child of the cosmos,
a ruler of the skies”

drawing baby kase

*thanks to Nick Harper for the title*

Elephant Mother & Baby

‘Mother & Baby Elephant’ – this large A2 original drawing, fully mounted and framed, is available at £150.

Unframed high quality giclee prints of same image are available at £25/A4 or £50/A3 card mounted and bagged.

A 10% donation will go directly to Chester Zoo’s ‘We Will Never Forget’ campaign, researching EEHV, the disease which affects animals both in captivity and the wild, and has killed 5 baby elephants at Chester Zoo alone.

Please message, email or FB if interested in purchasing.